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competitiondancers asked
they've never appeared on the show as guests or whatever but in one episode of season 1 you can spot Molly and maybe some dancers in the background of filming! It was the Thunderstruck episode where they did "Sinful"

Thanks Vicky!! <3

Anonymous asked
Does the girls from Dance Precisions already appeared in Dance Moms? (for a compet for example)

I don’t think so. But I’m not sure

rihanna-quinn asked
Hey! I haven't talked to you in so long ahh!

I know right!! I’m so jealous of your social life, you barely have time for tumblr anymore haha

The other day I house sit my cousins house and that reminded me of you haha I drank all their wine!! hahaha

Anonymous asked
Why there is no Rihanna and Coco at the photoshoot? :-(

They changed studios :( 

Just kidding!! hahah I don’t know why, I guess they had some other plans that day. Alanah Aguilar was not in it either :( 

Anonymous asked
i loove peyton's new photos

Me too!! I wish there was some with her smiling though. I love her smile! Hopefully I’ll see more soon! :)

Anonymous asked
why did delete the peyton pictures?

Because dancershalloffame had already posted them! You can check them on her blog! [x]

Anonymous asked
I'm great!!!! How about you!?!?! :) -MnM

I’m great too! :) Any plans for the weekend?

Anonymous asked
Hey hey hey groovy gal!!!! :) -MnM

Hiii!!! How have you been??