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sarahjay21 asked
Your icons are always the cutest omg

Noo!! Yours and your edits are the best!!

littledancersdp asked
Now Theo James?! Our likes and loves are pretty similar 😏

Haha, great minds think alike!

Anonymous asked
post a picture of your boyfriend?

Sure, took this one last night!

raisinanon asked
Tell us 3 things personal?
  1. I study Materials Engineering at Uni and I wish I was studying Mechanical Engineering but I couldn’t get in :(
  2. I suffer from restless leg syndrome and nobody believes it’s a thing when I tell people.
  3. I love my parents! haha and my brother! 

Those are the things that came to mind right now haha

Anonymous asked
Is there a link to watch Kaylees commercial or is it just on TV?
Anonymous asked
What dances is Lauren Wallingford in. (sorry if I got her last name wrong)? I know she's in Wonderland and Impluse. Any others? :) -MnM

Here are some dances with her! ImpulseWonderlandGet Up Off That ThangSkinny LoveFossePop Drop & Roll and Hot Note! I think there is more, but I  can’t remember right now :) (Some of the dances have more than one version on Youtube if you want to check it out (:)

Anonymous asked
Who is the fierce, and cute little girl up in the very front of Outta the Park. She's the one who gets off of the bleachers first when the song begins to go "Ya". lol. :) She's so cute!

That’s Brooklyn Jara!!! She is super cute, she is my favorite out of the “new” minis! (shhh)

Anonymous asked
Who's your fav PLL couple?

Ezra and Aria!