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Anonymous asked
how many followers do you have?


the great thing about finding a new youtuber you like is having an entire history of videos to go back and watch.


I’m jealous, I can’t watch anything new of hers :( 

Anonymous asked
Yep I made new friends!! Especially in my dance class!!! :) My first week has been good! I got lost a couple times haha. But I've got it all figured out now! :) thanks for caring!!! :) -MnM

Yay! I’m happy for you!! haha I guess it’s part of the process getting lost a few times lol  Study hard!! 

raisinanon asked
Sophia's Tap Diva or Kaycee's DaFace?

That’s so hard! Tap Diva is one of my favorite dances ever. But I’m really enjoying DaFace right now (I think I have watched 15 times since it was uploaded haha) Kaycee is too cute!

So right now I prefer DaFace, but that might be because it’s new and I’m exited about it :)

Anonymous asked
I wish my locker looked like Haley's!!!! It's so cute! My locker is tall and skinny! But I carry my backpack around anyway so I don't really use it! :) High School has been so fun so far! -MnM

haha, me too!! Sorry! I forgot to ask about it!! How was your first week?? Did you make friends? Is it easier than you thought? I’m glad you’re making friends <3

Anonymous asked
one of peytons insta posts says undefeated mini, so I think she means she's undefeated as an 8 and under

Yes, I think so too!

Anonymous asked
AHHHH I FORGOT YO SIGN MNM AGAIN!!! Haha so what are your favorite costumes from this year? Mine are Proud Mary and Ojos Asi... -MnM

Haha don’t worry, I knew it was you! 

My favorites are Candlelight, A Fool in Love and Hit the Road Jack!

Anonymous asked
That's ok that you can't answer that one question. I figure that they wanted to keep it private. I totes understand!!! :)

Thank you for understanding!! And I really don’t know the answer :( 

Anonymous asked
When did she lose or where because her Instagram post said she was

It’s complicated, the competitions that she didn’t win were not “regular” competitions, like, the age groups were different. She didn’t win first place at ‘Next Level’ and ‘Jump’ (I think only those two, can’t remember for sure).

She won all competitions where she competed as mini 8 and under. So she can say she is undefeated I guess :) 

Hope that makes sense!

Anonymous asked
I think that last anon meant undefeated!

Oh! You’re probably right! Thanks

No, Peyton was not undefeated. She still did amazing tho!

Anonymous asked
Was Peyton unseated this year?

Sorry, I don’t know what that means! (English is not my first language) 

Anonymous asked
Where can I find let it shine

Just search “Let it Shine Dance Precisions” on Youtube! Let me know if you can’t find it.

Anonymous asked

I can give you the names and you can look for them on Youtube!

Freddy, Just The Way You Are, My Skin, Sisters, A Fool In Love, Make The World Move, Let It Shine, Candlelight, Proud Mary, Woman Be Wise, Little Sparrow, Wonderland, Cirque and Fosse.

Anonymous asked
Where can I find the group dances Peyton Heitz is in

Like the names or videos?